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Sit in the Press Box

By: Steph Richter

Being a sports fanatic, I couldn’t imagine a better job than the one that I had at Wisconsin for the last two years. I was a student assistant for the Athletic Communications department, working for various sports each year. My junior year I helped cover women’s golf and softball, and then this year I worked with women’s basketball and women’s hockey.

One of my favorite parts about the job was football season. All of the student assistants and full-time workers in the office helped with stats and post-game interviews. We got to sit in our own little section of the press box and the environment was what made that job fun. At first I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to be in the student section for two years, but I had so much fun in the press box working!On Wisconsin

There are so many great memories from football season, like the night game against Nebraska or watching Montee Ball get closer and closer to breaking that touchdown record. I always really enjoyed watching the band from up in the press box because I got to appreciate their formations during the songs. At the end of the season, I was able to snap this photo during ‘On Wisconsin’.

We also had to sign up for different sports to help out at, and men’s basketball was always at the top of my list. One of my most memorable working experiences was this past season when Ben Brust’s buzzer-beater to sent the game into overtime and Wisconsin beat Michigan. Being able to see everyone rush the court from the press box was an image that I will always have when I think of the Kohl Center.

UW vs. Michigan- basketballI feel lucky that I get to have two different types memories about my sports experience at Wisconsin, the ones as a student fan and the ones as a student assistant!


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