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Become a Regular

By Corinne Burgermeister

Coffee shop loyalty cards

Coffee shop loyalty cards

When studying for exams, and especially for finals, it’s important to have familiar things around to keep you focused. Since I like coffee, my familiar places include coffee shops.

A wise man once said:

“As a journalism student, Vilas is your first home, and CoffeeBytes is your second.”

Okay, that might not be accurate, but J-school kids sure do spend a lot of time in the coffee shop, located just across from Vilas Hall. Upon entering, nine times out of ten, I am greeted by a familiar face of someone I know from my program. We are always rushing in and out between classes for a quick drink or meal. Frequent customers enjoy the Deluxe Hummus Plate, a dish featuring tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, olives, pita and some of the best hummus I’ve ever had. Although this is one of my favorite places on campus, it’s usually too hard for me to study here– it’s located on the corner of two major walkways and is filled with constant distractions. But if you are focused enough to study for long periods in CoffeBytes, more power to you.

Alterra on the Square, Madison

Alterra on the Square

Another favorite of mine is relatively new to town. Alterra on the Square has a been a Milwaukee favorite for years, and recently made its way to Madison. Alterra serves some of the best coffee and chai, and all of it is served directly from the source. The new Capitol location also has an awesome indoor-outdoor patio, with large open windows allowing you to study outside, while still sitting indoors. Its location also provides a nice escape from campus, although it is often very crowded.

Aside from the familiarity and comfort of these coffee shops, another obvious benefit is their rewards system. If I can teach you anything in college, it’s to always ask for a punch card! And to learn from my mistakes, do not lose your punch cards. As my friend Kristi said, if you lose your punch cards, you lose free coffee. Be sure to stop into CoffeeBytes for ‘Double Punch Mondays’ for an extra boost to earn your free cup. CoffeeBytes offers a free coffee after 11 drinks. Alterra also has a rewards card and offers a double punch on Tuesdays.

Although I’ve only mentioned two of my favorite places, there is an outstanding number of coffee shops on campus (and beyond!). Find somewhere that works for you and make it your happy place.


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