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Go to the Henry Vilas Zoo

By: Steph Richter

In my four years here I had never been to the zoo! I decided that needed to change before heading down to Nashville after graduation. My sister, Hayley, and I went on a gorgeous, sunny Spring day to check out the animals.

For those of you who don’t know, the Vilas Zoo is free of charge, which I find to be very rare. My parents used to take my sisters and I to the Racine County Zoo and the Milwaukee Zoo when we were younger all the time, but I can’t remember the last time I got to see some exotic animals!


I was very impressed by the size of the zoo. It seems to just keep going and going, with large grassy areas for families to have picnics or just hang out. There were plenty of ways to spend money, including a gift shop and food stands. On a hot day, lots of little kids were running around with icecream and popsicles.

It had pretty much everything that the Milwaukee Zoo has, just on a smaller scale. There were only one or two of each animal, but I don’t find it necessary to see that many of the same species anyways. All of the families looked to be enjoying themselves a lot, and I would definitely recommend anybody who nannies over the summer to hit up the Zoo for a day!

I even learned something new at the Vilas Zoo about an animal that I’ve never seen before: the capybara. The zoo called it a cute and cuddly rodent, and I learned that it is the largest rodent in the world.Capybara

I really enjoyed my day at the Vilas Zoo. It’s so close to campus, but when you’re there you forget that you’re still in downtown Madison. It’s a great way to get your mind off of school and just enjoy some time outside with animals!


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