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Go to a Concert from Each A Cappella Group on Campus

By: Steph Richter

Who doesn’t love Pitch Perfect, right? So you can actually see a cappella groups right here on campus, with five to choose from: Fundamentally Sound, Madhatters, Redefined, Pitches and Notes and Tangled Up In Blue. I made sure I got to at least one concert for each group over my four years at Wisconsin and I’m so glad I found how awesome they each are before it was too late to see them all!

The concert that I went to most recently was Fundamentally Sound’s spring show: As Seen on TV. It was held in Music Hall, a building on campus I had never been to before!

Music Hall

After a few songs, there would be a video clip with group members acting different clips that have been on TV, such as the popular AT&T commercial. It’s a good way to break up the singing, and it gives the singers a little break too!

One way that Fundamentally Sound kept the audience involved was by having them go to the FS Facebook page and vote on one song they wanted to hear during the concert.

It’s so hard for me to pick out my favorite part of the concert because so many of their songs are impressive with different arrangements and soloists. If I had to choose, I would probably go with the boy band medley, just because it brings back so many memories and it was great to see FS enjoying singing songs by N*Sync and the Backstreet Boys.

They ended their show with their ICCA set of four songs, which got them third place in the ICCA Midwest region semifinals. 

The a cappella groups usually have one concert per semester, which gives you plenty of opportunities to go and listen. The only group that still has a spring show left is Redefined, on May 10 at the Overture center. Tickets are only $10 for students, so I would definitely recommend going before the stress of finals!

We would love to hear your favorite experience with the a cappella groups on campus, so feel free to write it in the comment box!


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