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Participate in All Campus Party

By Corinne Burgermeister

The team at Bucky's Urban Odyssey

The team at Bucky’s Urban Odyssey

All Campus Party, UW’s end of the year celebration is something I look forward to every year. Similar in style to fall’s homecoming events, this week-long celebration takes place in mid-spring, serving as one last hurrah before finals and (eek!) graduation.

Although there are a number of events that take place, there are a few that hold special memories for me.

One event I’ve made sure to go to all four years is Breakfast with Bucky. By just showing your student id, the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board (WASB) gives you a free breakfast, of fruit, bagel, yogurt and juice– the perfect way to start a Monday morning.

Another favorite of mine is Club Bucky, a Thursday night dance party, typically for the underclassmen. As a freshman, I remember heading down to Sellery’s backyard and dancing all night with my friends and floormates. It was so much fun and we loved the special performances from some of UW’s dance groups.

This year I was also able to attend two events for the first time, which was very exciting.

To kickoff the week, some friends and I participated in Bucky’s Urban Odyssey, an event I’ve been wanting to do since forever. We headed to the Wisconsin Alumni Association and were given a list of clues to decode. These clues led us all around campus, completing tasks and puzzles and racking up points. It was one of the most fun things I’ve done at the university.

SPILL your guts at Wear Red Get Fed

SPILL your guts at Wear Red Get Fed

Then on Wednesday, Student Supporters in Laid-back Listening (SPILL), a student organization I am on the board for, participated in Wear Red Get Fed, an event where showing off your Badger pride gets you a free meal. Students who show up wearing red shirts are treated to an afternoon festival with a free lunch and tons of giveaways from organizations on campus. Our group gave out sunglasses and waterbottles and created a ‘SPILL your guts board’ where students could write down anything they were stressing about.

Most importantly, I got a picture with Bucky!

All Campus Party has a ton of events, and there is probably something to interest everyone on campus– and who doesn’t like free food? Be sure to put this on your list.

Edit: Just saw that I was quoted in this write-up about Breakfast with Bucky! Photo: here



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