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Food Cart Friday: Slide

Library mall on a spring day

Library Mall on a spring day

By Corinne Burgermeister

Library Mall was abuzz last week, with the first showing of spring upon us. After being cooped up inside all winter it was such a relief to finally have a day to be outside and actually enjoy yourself. My friend Molly and I decided it was a perfect day for a food cart lunch.

We decided on Slide, a newer food cart to the Madison scene. Slide serves gourmet sliders and housemade (er, cart made) potato chips. Though the sliders are a bit messy (read: sit down while you eat this!), they are a quick and filling meal for in-between classes.

For Molly’s first-ever food cart experience, she chose the Wilbur, Slide’s take on barbecue pulled pork. Although sliders are generally thought of as small burgers, the only thing small about these servings is the size of the bun.

Slide: The Buff Chick & the Power Ball

Slide: The Buff Chick & the Power Ball

Each slider comes loaded with toppings and a small portion of their potato chips on the side. Other sides include fruit, pasta salad, coleslaw, pickles or soup.

If you enjoy hot flavor, the Buff Chick is for you. It’s a slider loaded with buffalo-marinated chicken and topped with bleu cheese. Although it tasted amazing, I’m kind of a wimp for hot food and found myself running for water.

My favorite was the Power Ball, a hearty mozzarella-stuffed meatball topped with homemade marinara and basil.

Sounds like a lot of meat, right?

Don’t worry, veggie lovers– there’s something for you too! Slide also offers some seasonal vegetarian options; Italy on Wisconsin, a mini caprese, BBQ Sauce Squash and Mr. Sweet Potato Head.

Two sliders, chips and a small cup of pasta salad was more than enough for me, so I recommend just getting one, unless you’re really hungry.

With fun names, affordable prices and big portions, Slide is a food cart not to miss. And if you decide you’re a fan, check out their catering menu for your next event. My only suggestion; make sure you grab a fork!

Food Cart: Slide

Location: Library Mall

Meal Options: 1 slider and a side $4, 2 sliders and a side $7, 3 sliders and a side $10

Social: @SlideFoodCart; Slide Food Cart on Facebook


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