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Visit the Chazen Museum of Art

By Corinne Burgermeister

The Chazen Museum of Art

The Chazen Museum of Art

If you live in Madison, you don’t have to travel far to see good art. In fact, you don’t have to travel at all. The Chazen Museum of Art is located right on campus and is home to a plethora of art, ranging in styles and time periods.

Over my four years here, I have been to the museum several times, as both a visitor and a student ambassador. As an ambassador I’ve given tours of the museum and participated in events like yoga at the Chazen.

In  2011 the size of the museum has nearly doubled in size, thanks to gracious donations. One of my favorite memories of being at the Chazen in when I got to cover the new grand opening for the Daily Cardinal. I got a personal media tour and was able to speak with many people who loved the museum, which was added to the uniqueness of the event. There were also live music performances and events going on all day.

Another special time happened during my sophomore year, while I attended a gallery opening for a large collection of Andy Warhol prints and paintings. My friend Laura and I got all dressed up and got to see the collection before it was open to the public. We mingled with other art lovers and got our photos taken in a photo booth, making it a night to remember. Currently the Chazen is showcasing the 1934: A New Deal for Artists, a collection of pieces from the Depression era paired with discussions and movies.

Whether you choose be a visitor, a student, a reporter or a yogi, the a variety of adventures await you inside the Chazen.


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