The Buckyet List

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Storm the Court

By: Steph Richter

In light of March Madness, I decided it was fitting to write about my favorite bucket list activity I have done to date: storming the court/field. I have been blessed enough to witness this four times, partaking in it three times myself.

Even though storming the court is a controversial subject with when it should be done, I believe that all of mine were justified, beating Duke my freshman year in basketball, then knocking off No. 1 Ohio State in both basketball and football my sophomore year, and lastly defeating Michigan this year.


I’m a huge sports nut, so being able to participate in three historic games was an amazing experience. I will never forget the chills I got at the beginning of each football or basketball game, and how it felt to be on the court/field after celebrating with my friends.

I think that is what I will miss most about Wisconsin. Being surrounded by Badgers who are just as proud to wear the cardinal red is a feeling that I never take for granted. Camp Randall and the Kohl Center create an amazing atmosphere on game day, which can only get better by standing on the mid-field and mid-court at the end of it.


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