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Eat at Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry

By: Steph Richter
Dottys_stainedglassI’ve only heard amazing things about Dotty’s, and it troubled me that I had never had a burger there after living in Madison for three and a half years. The restaurant has been voted Best in Madison over 30 times in both the Madison Magazine and Isthmus, so I had big expectations for my first burger there.

The atmosphere in Dotty’s is unlike any other restaurant I’ve been to eat at in Madison. The old-school music and decorations makes Dotty’s stand out to other burger joints in the city. The stained glass on the main windows was catching the perfect amount of light and made it look awesome!

My roommate, Caitlin, went to lunch with me and she had eaten at Dotty’s before, so she recommended the Melting Pot, which happens to be their most popular burger. It has three different types of cheese and bacon, with a garlic sauce. As if three types of cheese weren’t enough, we decided to order cheese curds as an appetizer and they were delicious!Dottys

The burger was so tasty, and I was very disappointed in myself that I could only eat half. I couldn’t imagine having fries to go along with that burger. (You do have to order those separately.) If you are craving a burger with a great atmosphere for lunch or dinner and haven’t been to Dotty’s yet, I definitely recommend it!


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