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Take a Class for FUN

ImageBy: Steph Richter

Being in school for my sixteenth year, I was ready to take a class for no reason other than pure fun. I’ve taken other classes that really hadn’t counted toward my major before, but picking Music 206: Legendary Performers with Mike Leckrone was solely for enjoyment.

I knew that I would enjoy learning about music because I really never have before, and who better to have as a professor than the amazing band director at UW-Madison?! The atmosphere in class is so relaxed, yet I’m still learning. I’ve heard of a few of the performers that we are learning about, but some are definitely new to me and it’s great to have a little background on the music industry today. Having class in the Mills Concert Hall of Humanities is a new experience for me too.

I think that it’s important to have fun in college because when is the next time that you will be able to take advantage of a broad variety of classes. I had a few extra credits to play with just to be a full-time student, so it worked out perfectly for me. I never thought that I’d enjoy listening to older music, but it’s catchy! The aspect I like most is being able to make connections from current artists now to their role models that we are learning about in class.

Before you graduate, try and take something that is out of your normal schedule of classes. You’ll be surprised at what you find!


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