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Eat at a Fish Fry

By Steph Richter

fish fry

fish fry

Looking for a great Fish Fry for your Friday night? I was in the mood for something that reminded me of home, so I decided to venture out with my friends for a Fish Fry, but I wanted to try some place new.

After getting some insight from my friends mom, we decided to go to Quivey’s Grove in Fitchburg. I’d never heard of it, so it was perfect for the occasion! And I’m so glad we went there, it was one of the best fish fries I’ve ever been to.

The environment of Quivey’s Grove was what made me like it so much. It’s such a cozy and welcoming restaurant, which actually looks like a cottage. The bar was the most crowded area of the restaurant, mostly filled with people waiting for their fry

I ate the beer-battered cod with French fries, which came along with cole slaw. My friends and I are obsessed with cheese curds, so when we found those on the menu we split them as an appetizer. Everything was delicious, and very fairly priced! The 15-minute drive off campus is definitely worth it!


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