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Stay for the 5th

Gameday: Wisconsin vs. Utah State

Ready for Game Day!

Most students would agree that the 5th quarter is a lot of fun. I would argue that last Saturday’s 5th quarter was more exciting than the entire football game. But this post is not about false starts, Danny O’Brien or how #thisfallbelongstoball (see here if you need to catch up on that).

The 5th quarter, led by the UW Marching band, is one of Madison’s most memorable traditions. Win or lose, immediately following football games the band leads Badger fans through a series of popular stadium songs.

Game intensity was at an all-time high after Utah’s missed field goal led to a Badger win, making this week’s 5th quarter one of the most fun yet. My friend and I had third row seats for the game and were able to move to the first row afterward. It was great! The band was right in front of us and Bucky even blew a kiss to my roommate.

Here is a brief description of this week’s song selection:

  1. Varsity: song that makes me cry
  2. When You say Wisconsin…: song that makes me think about beer
  3. The Chicken Dance: song that I hate
  4. Tequila: song that makes me think of tequila
  5. Roll out the Barrel: song that reminds me of the Brewers
  6. Hey Baby: song for picking up chicks
  7. Swing Town: song that nobody knows the words to but everyone begs Mike Leckrone to play

If you have never stayed for 5th quarter, you have just gotten a taste of what you’ve been missing out on. Photos coming soon!

-Corinne Burgermeister


One comment on “Stay for the 5th

  1. 18epenning
    September 18, 2012

    It makes me want to be at Camp Randall.

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