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Watch a Movie at the Union

The Memorial Union

The Memorial Union

This summer I had the pleasure of enjoying a few movies outdoors on the Terrace. The nights I spent at the Terrace stand out distinctly in my mind, but how could they not? There’s not much that can beat a beautiful Madison sunset, pitchers of beer, friends and free movies.

As apparently the only child in the world to have never seen the Land Before Time, that was one of my must-sees from the summer movie line up. My other favorite was O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to go see Jaws (so yeah, I’m still the only person in the world to have never seen that) but have plans to watch a ton of classic movies this year.

Although a lot of the readers might have missed out on Terrace movies because they were out of town, the Union offers tons AND tons of movies weekly at the new theater in Union South. This week alone they are showing Being Elmo, the Hunger Games and Brave!

Union South

Union South

So be sure to take advantage of these totally free movies that you were probably too broke to go see over the summer, or if that’s not the case, rewatch some of your favorites on the big screen!

For a full movie schedule check the Union events page.

-Corinne Burgermeister


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