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Complete Your Last First Day

First Day

The traditional first day of school picture: Senior Edition

I’ve done it! I’ve completed the first week of my senior year at UW-Madison!

It feels unreal to have completed my last first day of school (unless I decide to attend grad school in the future). I had the best first day of school ever! Being a senior, all of my classes are relevant and will provide awesome insight to future careers! So now I’ll ramble on about them for a while:

J417, Magazines and Magazine Editing, is a class I’ve been dying to take since I knew it existed! Throughout the semester our class will work on writing, editing and designing content for a print and online magazine called Curb. AND WE GET IPADS! When I graduate, I’d love to work for a magazine and this class will hopefully give me a heads up on what to expect.

Another class I’m really excited to take is J345, the Principles and Strategies of Strategic Communication. We’ll be working in groups of five to create ad campaigns for either the Chevy Volt or the Toyota Highlander. In the final weeks, we’ll compete against each other to see which group is chosen to represent the car. This is an area that I have very little experience in, but a great amount of interest, and I’m expecting to learn a lot.

On top of all of that, I’m working at the Marketing Director for SPILL, an organization for students to write in anonymously and receive feedback and advice from other students. I’ve been creating print and Facebook ads as well as managing SPILL’s new Twitter page!

And as if all of these things aren’t exciting enough, I found out at the end of my first day that I’ll be the new Social Editor for MODA Magazine! I got involved with the magazine last year and can’t wait to continue this year. What’s most exciting is that MODA will be transitioning from online to print, and I’m very grateful to be a part of that.

Hope you all had a great first week too!

-Corinne Burgermeister



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