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Go to the WI State Fair

Skyglide at the WI State Fair

Skyglide at the WI State Fair

Bring from West Allis, the Wisconsin State Fair has always been a big deal for me.  I’ve worked at Adeline’s for three years in high school and spent countless hours wandering the fair park for interesting food. My siblings usually spend all day roaming the midway, but this year they worked at Cream Puff — first jobs for both of them!

Fat Elvis on a Stick

Fat Elvis on a Stick

Luckily, I was able to head home and go to the fair one night with my family. Of the new items, I was most excited to try the “Fat Elvis on a Stick” — which is a huge peanut butter cup in banana batter with bacon and it tastes amazing. The Fat Elvis is a perfect combination of peanut butter, banana flavor and chocolate… the bacon is a great bonus!

I was not as pleased with my beer float, another new item at the fair. All floats were served with vanilla ice cream and your choice of beer. According to the bartender Blue Moon, Berry Weiss and Guinness were the most popular choices, so I picked Blue Moon (one of my favorite beers) and was a bit overwhelmed. Although the beer float wasn’t for me, one of my friends had the Berry Weiss float and loved it.

Blue Moon Beer Float

Blue Moon Beer Float

After a cream puff, we headed to the Cousins Amphitheater for the Here Come the Mummies concert. I’ve seen them in concert three times now, and was happy to introduce my family to them. One cool fact about the funk band is that nobody knows their identities because they’re all wrapped up during all shows.

Here Come the Mummies

Here Come the Mummies

Other fair favorites of mine include Adeline’s corn, peanut butter and jelly on a stick, smore’s on a stick, deep fried Oreos and Cream Puffs, of course. If you didn’t make to Wisconsin’s State Fair, you should consider crossing the border and giving the Minnesota State Fair a chance.

Happy Eating!

-Corinne Burgermeister


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