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Go Tubing on Sugar River

The Sugar River

The Sugar River, photo via

When someone asks you if you’d like to go “tubing,” what is the first image that comes to mind? Is it being pulled behind a speedboat holding onto a tube for dear life? If you answered yes to that then you, my friend, are in the same boat I was in when my friends asked me to accompany them. This is not what ended up happening.

As I stood there surveying my friends, trying to find out who I would trust behind the wheel of a boat, I was informed that in fact we were going onto what was, essentially, a very long lazy river in Albany, Wisconsin..

Being the lazy college student that I am this sounded much more ideal. There was drinking (though we ran out of alcohol rather early on the trip), some swimming, plenty of floating, and a little bit of chicken (that terribly awkward game where one person sits on the other person’s shoulders and tries to knock someone else over).

Overall it was an amazing trip…for the first few hours. Due to the drought in Wisconsin the water was very low and the current was…basically nonexistent. Every one of us ended up pulling the tubes (defeating the purpose of floating) and losing something to the river.

The Sugar River

The Sugar River, photo via

I, personally, lost half a can of drink and my new sunglasses. Some almost lost shoes, several lost sandwiches, etc. And we all burned…rather terribly, regardless of how much sunscreen we had put on during the course of the day. Not to mention that it wasn’t until we were on the water that my friend informed me that if one of us had an open cut we could possibly become a host for flesh eating bacteria.

Yes, that is exactly what I wanted to hear while stuck on a river with no way out.

All in all the trip was a success. It was a good time and even though we were on a river for five hours (yes, you read that right, 5 hours) it was an amazing time and I’d do it again.

However, bottom-line: don’t go tubing when the water is low, you will lose your sunglasses and burn your skin.

-Ali Bartoli


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