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Go to a Twins Game

Target Field

View of Target Frield from the 3rd base side

My boyfriend and I spent this past weekend in Minnesota visiting his family and ended our trip with a Twins game at Target Field. He’s a huge Twins fan, and I had never been to an MLB game anywhere but Miller Park, so I was very excited!

In his own words, “Target Field is a magnificent ballpark shoehorned into downtown Minneapolis, set with a beautiful skyline and open air.”

Target Field opened in 2010, so it’s a relatively new stadium. When we sat down I was in awe of how beautiful the stadium was. In center field there is a sign of Minnie and Paul shaking hands, a symbol of the two major cities coming together, which lights up occasionally when the Twins score or strike out the opposing team.

PJ and I at Target Field

PJ and I at Target Field

Bloody Mary

One of PJ’s Bloody Marys

The biggest difference between Miller Park and Target Field is their location. Miller Park is surrounded by parking lots where fans tailgate for hours before the game. Target Field is jammed in among skyscrapers and the highway so fans head to nearby restaurants or eat food inside the stadium.

Some unique menu items include Walleye, pork chop on a stick, MinneApple pie and an assortment of Food Network specialties. PJ had the Walleye, while I stuck with my ballpark favorite, cheese fries.

The mascot race in the middle of the game happened so quickly, I almost didn’t realize it had started. Wanda the Walleye was named the winner of an assortment of strange mascots like Louie the loon and Skeeta the mosquito (very different from Miller Park’s racing sausages).

The Twins ended up losing 9-4 to the Oakland A’s, but we all had a great time and managed to stay relatively cool in our upper deck seats on an extremely hot day.

-Corinne Burgermeister


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