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Attend Art Fair on the Square

Art Fair on the Square, Madison

Art Fair on the Square, photo credit:

My first Art Fair experience occurred rather unexpectedly, as I was heading to the square for the weekly Saturday farmer’s market. Upon my arrival, I noticed that the usual tents full of cheese, fruits and vegetables were taken over by sculptures, paintings, and jewelry.

Art Fair on the Square, Madison

photo credit:

I spent most of my time asking those passing by if the farmers market had been relocated (don’t worry, it was!), but I couldn’t help but notice the wide variety of art around the square. I thought to myself, ‘when’s the last time I’ve been to an art museum?’ and honestly couldn’t think of an answer.

As I left the Square to buy my vegetables, I made a decision that I would return the next day. Luckily, my girlfriend was visiting from Milwaukee and was interested in attending with me.

When Sunday came around, she and I made the trek to the Capitol Square again, this time with the intention of window-shopping (or tent-shopping!). I can’t remember a time in my life where I was able to see so much unique, amazing art.

The annual art fair organized by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most popular outdoor art festivals in the country  and featured over 450 artists this year.

The environment was perfect, with live music, beer and brats, the Capitol in the backdrop, and more art than I’ve ever seen. After strolling halfway around the Square, my girlfriend and I surrendered to the 12 p.m. heat, and had to leave. However I can say that my time was well spent, and there’s not many better ways to enjoy a Sunday morning than viewing incredible art in our state’s Capitol.

-Andy Wargin


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