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Food Cart Friday: Banzo


Banzo in Library Mall

Steph and I headed to Banzo’s bright green food cart for lunch Thursday. A long line of first-timers and veterans usually forms during the lunch hour in Library Mall, and we were very happy to have beat it.

Banzo's Falafel Ball

Banzo’s Falafel Ball

The unique Mediterranean menu, featuring falafel balls, led to quick popularity in the Madison community and a full-sized Banzo restaurant on Sherman Ave.

But what exactly is falafel? According to Banzo’s menu, it’s garbanzo beans ground with veggies, herbs and spices and then fried. Options for sauces include pickles and tahini, yogurt or hot sauce. For under $5, falafel balls serve as a great snack between class too.

The Banzo Pita

Banzo’s Pita in their signature box

Corinne: I had the Banzo, which is a combination of falafel, hummus, chopped salad and chips and tahini all packed into a pita. I even got a little crazy and added hot sauce, which my wimpy taste buds miraculously survived.

Steph: I enjoyed the F-Bomb platter, which was just as good as the name sounds. With the platter, it only ended up being $8 at the food cart and I get so much more food! I chose the chicken, which was served over the Majadra rice along with falafel balls.

I had never tried falafel and am now a really big fan! The hummus that came with the platter was also delicious with the pita bread. It was all rounded out with a nice little salad.

We both really enjoyed our meals and highly recommend eating at Banzo, whether you choose their weekday food cart, restaurant or delivery.

Banzo's F-Bomb Platter

Banzo’s F-Bomb Platter

Check out Banzo’s website for a full menu and other information.

Food Cart: Banzo

Location: Library Mall (and Sherman Ave!)

Corinne’s Meal: Banzo ($6)

Steph’s Meal: F-Bomb Platter ($8)

-Corinne Burgermeister & Steph Richter

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