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Try Something New at Home

Coffee House Iced Lattes

Coffee House Iced Lattes

I finally got the chance to go home to Burlington for a full weekend and one of the first things I did was stop at our new coffee shop in town! Burlington is pretty small (about 10,000 people) and we don’t have a Starbucks, Alterra or Caribou. We really don’t have any go-to coffee place, so when The Coffee House opened last week, I knew it was number one on my list when I went home!

The family who opened The Coffee House are great friends of mine, so it was even more rewarding to go in and see their smiling faces while I ordered my iced vanilla latte. I was very surprised at how big the shop actually was and the decorations were just perfect. On one of the walls are old pictures from what The Coffee House used to be back in the day that they were able to get from the Historical Society in town. There are also paintings from the owner’s mother to give it an even more “home” feel.

Indoor seating

Indoor lounge area at the Coffee House

Another great aspect I enjoy about The Coffee House is their hours. They are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, which makes it a lot easier to go to! You don’t have to remember what days they are open which hours, so now when I go home and need a latte to keep me awake I won’t have to go to McDonald’s. They also serve beer and wine, which I will have to try next time I’m home too!

outdoor seating

Outdoor seating at the Coffee House

I got an iced vanilla latte, twice :), and an iced mocha and was very satisfied with both! Lately on these hot days, an iced drink is just perfect. I’ve tried lots of coffee shops in Madison while trying to stay awake studying or just wake up a little bit more, and The Coffee House is definitely one of my favorites! Too bad I can’t have it all the time while up in Madison, but I guess it will just make my trips home even better!

-Steph Richter


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