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Food Cart Friday: Caracas Empanadas

Caracas Empanadas Food Cart in Library Mall

Caracas Empanadas “mmmpanadas”

This week’s Food Cart Friday features some amazing empanadas from Caracas Empanadas in Library Mall. Empanadas are a staple food in many Latin America countries, including Venezuela where the owner is from. The cart also has great desserts, allowing you to get a full meal in one place, and  for super cheap too!

Pulled Pork Empanada and Guasacaca Sauce

Pulled Pork Empanada and Guasacaca Sauce

Even on a hot Madison day I enjoyed the crispiness of the outside of the empanada. The meat and vegetarian empanadas are sold for $2.75 each or 2 for $5. I chose a pulled pork and a cheese for my two, but there are other options including beef and chicken. The meal came with a tasty Venezuelan sauce called Guasacaca, which is made with avocado and similar to guacamole.  I thought the sauce would be necessary because of the assumed dryness of the empanada, but was pleased it was just a nice addition.

As for dessert, I found it hard to choose, but settled on the strawberry and chocolate empanada ($1.50), and was not disappointed. Other empanadas such as apple and plain strawberry were enticing. The cart also has churros, which I have yet to try, but plan on it very soon.

I enjoyed my meal on the Terrace with great friends, which made the meal even more delicious. I’ve always wanted to try this cart, and I liked it so much I’ve been back once already!

Food Cart: Caracas Empanadas

Location: Library Mall (Wed-Fri), The corner of Main and King (Sat Farmers’ Market)

Meal: Pulled pork, cheese and strawberry & chocolate empanadas

Price: $6.50

-Steph Richter


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