The Buckyet List

Check out, then check off what makes UW great! What's on your bucket list?

Tour the Capitol

Madison Captiol Governor's Conference Room

The Governor’s Conference Room

The first time I entered the Capitol building was three years ago, on my birthday, after an extremely cold morning at the Farmers’ Market. I was looking for somewhere to defrost my body and the Capiol was my closet option. Since that day I have been inside countless times, but only took a tour just last week.

The building is so beautiful and is filled with statues and intricate design Taking a tour was a great way to learn more about the design, the history and what specific rooms are used for today. Most of the rock used in the building comes from all over the world — some from Vermont, but many other pieces from Greece, Italy and France!

To conclude the tour, my friend Samy and I climbed up to the first observation deck, for a great view of the city. Observation deck

So, here is a mini Capitol bucket list for you:

  1. Walk around the building
  2. Take a tour (it’s free!)
  3. Check out the view from the observation deck.
  4. Sit in a Senator’s chair.
  5. Find the starfish on the stairs.

-Corinne Burgermeister

*I’ll add more photos soon once I get them off Instagram


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