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Eat at Mickies

Mickies Dairy Bar

Mickies Dairy Bar

Whether it’s a football game day or just a regular go-out-for breakfast day, Mickies is the place to go! The old-fashioned diner-like feel makes the eating experience even better. But make sure to bring cash, because that’s the only form of payment they take!

I’ve only been to Mickies for breakfast, but I would assume lunch would be just as delicious. Right when you walk in you are instantly in a better mood with the friendliness of the servers and workers. It might take a little while to get a table, but snatch the first one you see because you have to seat yourself. Even if the line is out the door, it usually moves fast so stick it out because you won’t be disappointed.

Mickies Scrambler

I enjoy the scrambler, which consists of three eggs and a topping of your choice with cheddar cheese and gravy on the side with toast. You definitely don’t need another side with this meal because it’s so filling! I made the mistake of getting a pancake once and could barely finish half of either. That being said, the chocolate chip pancake was so yummy as well!I’ve also heard that the shakes are really good at Mickies, but have never had the stomach to get one! They are only open until 2 pm, so make sure you plan accordingly if you want lunch.

It’s definitely a Badger tradition to eat at Mickies at least once in your college career, so I would encourage doing it sooner rather than later to try all of the greasy goodness it has to offer!

-Steph Richter


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