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Sail on Lake Mendota

UW-Madison campus from Lake Mendota

View of UW-Madison campus from Lake Mendota

Last week, the Hoofer Sailing Club provided  a day of free sailing, canoeing and kayaking for the Madison community. I headed to the Union with my friend Trent after work, to go canoeing for the first time ever! Unfortunately, the canoes were not set up when we registered, so we decided to go sailing instead.

Corinne Sailing

Such a happy chirp!

I was ecstatic when I learned we would be sailing on Soma, a white racing boat painted with black spots to resemble a cow. There’s even a pink part to look like udders! I’ve seen the boat a few times while sitting at the Terrace and have always wondered how I could get my hands on it.

It took about 40 minutes to load everyone onto the boat and to set up the sails – which kind of sucked. But the 20 minute boat ride was a lot of fun! It was so interesting to look out at the Terrace and the Red Gym from a different angle. It was even cooler when I realized the two flags poking out about the nature preserve were at the top of Bascom Hill.

Hopefully I’ll make it back on a sailboat before the summer is over (I’m looking at you, boat owners!), but canoeing will still be one of the top priorities on my bucket list.

-Corinne Burgermeister

photos taken by Trent Bodin


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