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Go to the Drive-In

I think there are about 10 drive-in theaters in Wisconsin. Luckily for me, one is located between Milwaukee and Madison. I’ve been to the drive-in  for a total of three times now, so it’s always kind of a special experience for me.

The Highway 18 Outdoor Theater is located near Jefferson, Wis. and is only a half  hour drive from Madison. The theater is open seven nights a week and shows two movies for $8 a person (On some nights they show three!).

Sunday night PJ and I saw Men in Black 3 (which I cried at, no surprise) and 21 Jump Street. Although the movies were good, my favorite part was the classic advertisements in-between the films.

Interested in going to the drive-in? More information on films, tickets and directions HERE

-Corinne Burgermeister

Drive-in Ad


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