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Once again as I enter summer I find myself living in my mother’s house for the duration, hoping that my job as a grill master at Sendik’s Food Markets doesn’t cause me to die of boredom. But a job is a job, right?

Milwaukee Magazine

Milwaukee Magazine’s summer guide

All the same, as I was bagging groceries a magazine caught my eye: Milwaukee Magazine‘s City Guide 2012…Food & Festivals! So naturally I picked up a copy for myself. I’ve always wanted to hit up the various festivals Milwaukee has to offer in the summer, but often had no idea they were going on until after they were over. Perfect, right? That’s what I thought too.

So this entry is less about something cool that I’ve done already and more about the nifty things I hope to be able to do by the end of this three month vacation. Fish and a Flick, Pridefest, Festa Italiana, Bastille Days…hopefully more.

Not only will I be attending these festivals, but hopefully I may be working a few of them! Experiencing a festival from the other side of things could be an interesting experience. I’m sure that observing the drunks looking for another beer at Summerfest will be a good time. Don’t worry, readers, I’ll keep you posted.

And I know, I know. This blog is supposed to be about checking off items on a bucket list for Madison, but as I am stuck away from my school of choice this summer you will just have to deal with some updates from the beer city of Wisconsin. Milwaukee.

Stay classy.

– Ali Bartoli

Note: Milwaukee has plenty of daily events for residents to enjoy as well as bigger events worth making the hour drive from Madison — check out Milwaukee Magazine’s website for some ideas!


One comment on “Explore your Hometown

  1. Travis Bohn
    June 22, 2012

    What does it take to become a master of the grill?

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