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Befriend a Cow

Cows aheadI am 100 percent a city girl, but being from Wisconsin I enjoy a cow every now and then. That sounds weird. What I mean to say is that I like animals, especially since I don’t get to see many often. In addition to the usual Saturday Farmers’ Market, the Capitol Square hosted Cows on the Concourse this weekend — an event celebrating Wisconsin dairy.

My parents were in town and we spent Friday night at the Isthmus Jazz Festival and the Karaoke Kid. As a result, our morning at the market started a little later than we had planned. Although it was too crowded to wait in lines for grilled cheese and ice cream, it was fun to check out the event and the John Deere tractor with tires bigger than me. There was also a ton of cows to pet, including a baby just two days old!

-Corinne Burgermeister


Cows on the Concourse

Baby Calf
Two day old calf

Kids milking a cow

Kids milking a cow


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