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Jump in the Fountain

Jumping in the fountain

Finally jumping in the fountain!

Recently the construction on UW-Madison’s Library Mall came to a halt, and with it came the reopening of the beautiful fountain.

The area’s sidewalks, green space and surrounding buildings have been constantly ripped up and redone throughout my three years here, stopping only briefly when President Obama gave a speech in 2010.

Library Mall Fountain

Trying to contain my excitement the first time I saw the fountain open.

I was so excited when I saw the fountain was open and running. I ran to it and made my boyfriend take a picture of me! I knew immediately that I wanted to jump in.

Friday presented itself as the perfect night to execute operation fountain jump, because it was raining and my hair was already messed up.

When we arrived, a fellow water worshipper had just gotten out of the fountain and I made him manage our brief photo shoot. Within seconds he was back in the water jumping around in only a speedo and telling us how cool we were. It was weird.

And then we saw cops drive by… so we hopped out and packed up our things. However it was so much fun and definitely something I will always remember! Hopefully the fountain will stay open for a while, and perhaps soon we will be able to relax on the grassy areas too.

-Corinne Burgermeister

UW Library Mall Fountain

Happiness in Library Mall


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