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Attend the World’s Largest Brat Fest

Brat Fest 2012

Brat Fest 2012

I’ve never been to Brat Fest in Madison– I’ve only attended “Boat and Brat Day” in my hometown, Burlington. Being a part of the World’s Largest Brat Fest was another check on my bucket list!

Lake Monona

Lake Monona

My roommate, Caitlin, and I decided we wanted to roller blade over from our apartment and our friend Dan came with on his bike.


The weather was a little unpredictable all day, and of course when we went for dinner, it started to get really windy and storm a little bit. Rollerblading in the wind is definitely not the easiest thing to do, so we ended up giving up half way there and walked the rest of the way. But I was able to snap a cool picture of Lake Monona with the Capitol building in the background!

Once we got to Brat Fest, the first thing we went for obviously was the brats. Two dollars for a brat isn’t bad at all, and it was worth every bite. My favorite part of attending festivals is the corn on the cob, and I was so excited when they had that too! It was so delicious– I think I even liked it more than the brat! Another favorite food of mine is cheese curds, so we all split some of those too. Unfortunately they weren’t worth how much we paid for, and now I’m thinking I should have just gotten more corn!


Brat with the works

We didn’t really stay too long because there wasn’t much for us to do, but the food was worth the trip! It reminded me of Chocolate Fest in Burlington, and made me miss my friends and family from home a little bit. But hopefully I will be able to say that I was part of a world record brat fest!

-Steph Richter

Brat Fest runs May 25-28 at Willow Island at the Alliant Energy Center. For more information check out their website


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