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Root for the Home Team

Miller Park

Brewers vs. Giants at Miller Park

Being from West Allis, going to Brewers games was always just a 10 minute drive down National Ave. I remember once watching the game at home with my mom when we decided the stadium was too empty… so we went down to help fill it up.

The summer Miller Park was completed I must have attended 20 games, but since being away I’m lucky if I make it to two. It’s always a place to see people you know, and Monday I ran into half of my high school.

My friend Kate planned for a group of girls for tailgating before the game. After two failed attempts, we finally lit the grill and got it ready for some brats. Other tailgate essentials: chips and salsa, potato salad, dessert and of course, beer. The group next to us even brought a keg and invited us to play flip cup and do keg stands.

Baseball field on the stairs

Kate standing on the “field”

I’ve never been to a game anywhere other than Milwaukee, but I still feel pretty confident when I say nobody tailgates like Brewers fans do.

Finally we made our way to the stadium and bought tickets from a scalper (something I’ve never done before!) who ran away from us immediately. The whole thing was so sketchy, and  I was convinced the tickets were fake. But when comparing with a friend who had bought his ticket earlier, I realized everyone received cheap-looking, brown tickets. However, the scalper gave us tickets in all different sections, so none of us could sit together.

Luckily the bleachers were open — so we hung out there until the 10th inning. The game itself wasn’t too exciting until Jump Around played and Ryan Braun hit a home run in the eighth inning, tying the game at 3-3. The Brewers ended up losing to the Giants 4-3 in the 14th inning, but it was still a fun time and I can’t wait to go again.

-Corinne Burgermeister


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