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Do Something Crazy

View from Ag Hall

View from the top of Ag Hall

After a long couple weeks of extensive research papers and studying for exams, I was very ready to start my summer off on the right foot. My day began after my last exam Friday afternoon with empanadas from the food cart at Library Mall, eating them at the Terrace and then going to Chaser’s for some strawberry daiquiris.

Later that night, after a great time at Buckingham’s, one of my friends suggested we climb to the top of Agricultural Hall. I had never even thought of doing anything like this, so I was all in! The walk was a little long, but it was definitely worth it! I was surprised at how easy it was to just go up the fire escape of the building, even with my fear of heights.

Once we got to the top, the view was awesome! It was a perfect night to see the stars and the city of Madison all lit up. We were a little scared of being caught, so we didn’t stay up there too long, but we still can say that we climbed to the top!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one night, we then decided to go to jump in Lake Mendota. My roommates and I have a Summer To-Do List, and we were excited to be able to cross something off. The water was definitely cold, but jumping in was exhilarating!

I’m very happy with the start of my first-ever summer in Madison and even more excited to share all of my experiences with you! I can’t believe that I will be a senior this year, so being able to document everything that I love about this city and university will be rewarding for both you and me!

-Steph Richter


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