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Head Back Home

John with penguins

John with penguins at the Milwaukee Zoo

After a few days of relaxing and few too many drinks in Madison, it was time for me to head home to Milwaukee (so expect my next posts to be about Milwaukee adventures). I started my Sunday at home how I’ve always spent my mornings, reading the newspaper and eating breakfast — but since being away for college this has turned into more of a “raid the fridge for the good stuff.”

I spent all Sunday afternoon with my dad and siblings at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Having gone there for way too many field trips in elementary school, you kind of forget how cool it is until you’ve been away for a while.

Since it cost a whopping $68 dollars for admission and parking, we made sure to soak up all that the zoo offers. Read: staring at almost every animal there and forcing my brothers to be tour guides.


The peacocks roam freely

Every time I revisit the zoo, I’m reminded of the weekend zoo classes I took when I was younger. We learned secrets about the animals and got to enter the penguin cave and other secret zoo rooms. It was the best!

Although the zoo has updated many of the exhibits and added a sky glide, rock climbing wall and zip lines, plenty of the things I remember are still there — like the extremely scary goats who expect you to feed them and hunt you down for food.


Giraffe hanging out after snack time.

My dad even got us all to ride the kiddie train —  since it was his birthday and he got to do whatever he wanted. Afterwards, we had dinner at La Fuente, one of the best Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee.

-Corinne Burgermeister


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